SX GG BItCH MAHOGANY GUITAR BLACK Toda construida en caoba sólida.

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SX GG BItCH MAHOGANY GUITAR  Toda construida en caoba sólida.  Black BITCH guitar

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SX GG-4STD BK Black BITCH guitar -SX GG-4STD Guitarra Eléctrica BITCH   - inspirada en las bc rich de los primeros ochenta.  Esta guitarra ofrece una pegada excepcional.  The flat-top body is contoured for a comfortable playing position

The Mahogany set neck features an adjustable truss rod
The set neck helps transfer string vibration to the body
Set necks tend to be more stable than bolt-ons (less likely to move and cause buzzing)
Bound Rosewood fretboard with 22 jumbo (2.7mm) frets and split trapezoidal inlays
Two high quality humbucker pickups help reduce hum and noise and offer superior performance by giving a thicker fuller sound than single coils
Humbuckers also create a much larger magnetic field, which helps eliminate dead spots and increases overall power of the pickup
Two volume and two tone controls plus a 3-way pickup selector switch tailor your sound
The angled headstock and Stop Bar Tailpiece help transfer string vibration to the body for great sound and sustain
All chrome hardware including diecast sealed tuners compliments the guitar’s beautiful vintage appearance
Transparent Wine Red finish
Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8″; at the 22st fret: 2 3/16 “
Overall length 38″; Scale length: 24.75″
Width at the widest point: 14.75″
Actual Weight is only 6 lbs
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